The School

About Byron Thai Massage School

Byron Thai Massage School was born in 2003 from the passion I have for this amazing style of massage, after my second study travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I had the fortune to have my technique and awareness brought to a completely different level from my second Master, Master Ajahn Poo.
Mr. Itthidet Manarat Ongdam was a well-known Thai Massage Master in Chiang Mai, in those years. Master Poo has no website. He is a specialist in Sip Sen anatomy and healing.

I am forever grateful to him for his teachings and I am committed to pass on his amazing techniques so I can raise the quality and credibility of Thai Massage as a massage style.

Living in one of the best places in the world – as far as life style, nature and alternative culture – I choose to run the Thai Massage Training where I live, in Byron Bay, Australia.
Here we have some of the most beautiful beaches of Australia, a great life style, infinite amount of Yoga classes, dance classes, gym classes, surfing, markets, walks, forests, whale watching, kayaking, mountain biking, etc, all in clean air and clean water

I have purposely created the Accredited professional training (Thai Massage Practitioner Training Course) as a 15 day training (8 hours per day), rather than 10 days (like everywhere else), as I felt 10 days was too little to digest the huge amount of knowledge taught in the first 2 weeks.
This way students have the time for extra practice and corrections, while integrating the new knowledge under professional supervision.

Students always practice massage on proper Thai Massage Mattresses imported from Thailand, which offer the proper support for  both the knees of the practitioner and the whole body of the receiver. This add comfort, safety and overall pleasure to the experience.

I work together with an extremely experienced YOGA TEACHER who designs a yoga class every morning based on the sequence students will learn on the day. She provides emotional support and follows each student throughout the 15 days in a very personal way, so that depth, growth and improvement can be reached in a soft and conscious way.

A THAI MASSAGE STUDIO in beautiful settings was built for the course, so that the intensity of the course is supported by comforts, a full kitchen, an outdoor covered area and the quiet of the space.


Through the many years of teaching, I have created, constantly edited and improved my own Thai Massage training MANUAL.
Initiated from the traditional sequence, with very little detail in it, it has grown course after course into an extremely detailed instruction manual that focuses on both what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, supported by charts, photos and drawings.

Also THAI MASSAGE VIDEOS of the Traditional Thai Massage sequence are available to the students.


I’m demanding, thorough and patient. I love what I do and teach and nothing gives me more pleasure than watching people ‘getting it, picking it up’ and feeling it in their body!
For all of these reasons I keep the classes to a very SMALL NUMBER (8 students max) so I can offer my feed-back, attention and knowledge in the most personalised way.

For all the above reasons (and probably more, I forgot to write about), I and most of my graduate students, believe this to be the Best Thai Massage School in Australia!

Assessment day for the graduates of the Thai Massage Practitioner Training Course in the beautiful Byron Bay studio.