Thai Massage – a Spiritual Path to Mental and Physical Health

Science is discovering more and more how thin is the veil between physical reality and energetic or spiritual. There is amazing information out there on quantum physics and how our perceived reality is ultimately created by how we think, talk, dream, act and walk in the world.

We are energy, the world is energy, we emit electromagnetic waves and so does everything around us. We are all part of a much bigger picture and if we can connect to it, we can live a much happier life, I believe.

How can we tap into and follow the flow of life? How do we put ourselves aside, our stories, our perceptions, feelings, in order to connect to the higher self, to the universal energy, and flow along with it?

Meditation seems to be one answer.

Through meditation we can reach a higher brain wave, that allows the autonomic nervous system to take over and do the repair work it naturally would do if we weren’t constantly living in a state of stress and control. Through mediation we can go beyond our physical reality, connect to Source and be One with everything.

The word ‘meditation’ probably scares a lot of people, but there are so many different types of meditation!

There isn’t only the sitting still type of meditation, there are plenty of movement practices that can bring the brain into those Alpha or Theta brain waves that make us feel connected and allow the body to heal.

The  Northern style of Thai Massage is one of those many movement practices that traditionally and culturally (coming from a very Buddhist country, Thailand) allows people to reach a meditative state (Metta), where nothing else exists except for the flow of the movements and stretches that weave one into the other seamlessly, with rhythms, with breath… like a beautiful dance.

Like most dances, once the steps (sequences) are internalized and learned, they just happen. Looking effortlessly, they don’t require conscious thinking or planning. That is the state you can drop into by giving Thai Massage.

If the client is able to receive and allow for the energy to flow, it will circulate between giver and receiver and back again, and so on, so that healing can occur in both receiver and practitioner.

  1. SamAugust 31, 2018   

    Amazing content. You have described Thai massage perfectly. Also the role of Meditation.

    Thanks for this post. I really like your writing skills.

    • administratorAugust 31, 2018   

      Thank you so much for such lovely compliment! I really appreciate it.

    • administratorMarch 14, 2020   

      Thank you so much, Sam. To be honest I never think I’m a good writer, but most of the times I seem to surprise myself!

  2. Riviera SpaSeptember 21, 2018   

    That’s very True! Energy is all around us and as a therapist, we need to channel that energy. I have learned Reiki and practice it along with head massage for my clients and trust me it is very effective, though I do not recommend practicing it for every client coz it drains a lot of your energy too. Thanks for the lovely post 🙂

    • administratorMarch 14, 2020   

      Thank you for reading it and for adding some input.

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