Student Testimonials

Byron Thai Massage School - Student Testimonials

Byron Thai Massage School has a strong history of success and we are proud to have taught great many students, from beginners to advanced, the art of traditional Thai Massage. Many of our students have written to us expressing their satisfaction with our courses. We have collected some of these testimonials together so you can get a feel for the kinds of personal rewards our students have experienced.

Michelle from Melbourne, Vic

From Start to finish during the course I felt engaged, inspired & so excited to be learning this fantastic style of massage. Valentina is amazing, extremely thorough, informative and focused on individuals. As my first ever exposure to studying massage & intensively practicing yoga, I can’t wait to progress my knowledge and continue in this new direction.The course was well priced and so much fun! Thanks Valley-girl.

Uschi from Vancouver

The three week intensive course at Byron Thai Massage School went far beyond my expectations! The course covers a truly astounding amount of material in a well-paced, clear manner that allows plenty of time to both practice and receive massage each day. Valentina has a true skill in clearly demonstrating and explaining the techniques, movements and sequences; she is always available for questions and her pointers and clarifications during practice time were greatly valued. I also really appreciated her dedication to finding safe ways for each, individual practitioner to deliver the movements so as to reduce strain on their own bodies. Valentina’s care as a teacher really shines through in her ever-present attention to detail on every level!
Class sizes are small enough for each student to get one-on-one attention; the studio space is also a beautiful learning environment; and Byron Bay and surroundings are also stunning. The daily schedule felt spot-on – enough time to digest things, and enough time for practice and breaks. The third week of intensive practice time was also a vital chance to consolidate the enormous amount of material covered in the first two weeks. And the chance to offer a full two-hour massage to an ‘external’ client at the end of the course was a confidence-building way to finish! (I feel well-equipped to go out and immediately start offering massages.)
I was also amazed and delighted to feel the difference in my own body as a result of three weeks of regular ‘giving and receiving’ of Thai yoga massage. Although the course is physically intense, I found it very rewarding in this regard.
All-in-all, I feel like I have received world-class training in Thai yoga massage, from a teacher with great passion and care for the practice. Thank you Valentina!

Keeta from Brisbane

From the get go I have appreciated your detailed and direct approach… From the initial emails to the course content everyday throughout the course. I feel empowered to continue practicing my massage techniques with confidence and I think the various learning modes each day were excellent … the combinations of your demonstrations, the videos, detailed book, opportunities to take notes and heaps of practice was very much appreciated and very well rounded. Your feedback was great and I really loved working on the various types of bodies: getting everyone else’s feedback was important too!
I really enjoyed learning with Karena and Peter and I found their classes so inspiring that I intend on exploring various aspects of their teachings further. Their teachings lent more insight into the Thai Massage coursework and were a beautiful way to get moving in the morning… a type of “easing into it” really. So many lightbulbs moments! Definitely an important part of the course.
Peter’s quality of touch and core work teachings were excellent- I found so much value and practicality in them.
And I particularly admire Karena’s quiet kindness, steady patience, amazing adaptability and fast response in adjustments. An excellent teacher.
Though the thought of going back to Chiang Mai to study Thai Massage was very enticing, I am glad I chose to study with you as I don’t think for a second I would have received the same value, attention, and level of training that I received from you. I sincerely hope to study with you again in the future.

Jiro from Sydney

I really enjoyed the course and found the content fascinating and well presented. There is a lot to learn on this course and at first I was wondering how I would learn it all. But the method of teaching Valentina has developed is highly effective. The days are split into watching and learning new sequences, and putting into practice what we learn. There is so much variety and “doing’ to keep engaged and enthusiastic every day. The manual Valentina has developed is very thorough was invaluable to me, as someone who is terrible at making (readable) notes.
Valentina’s teaching style was ideal for me. She is passionate and direct, yet patient and understanding. She clearly has a lot of experience teaching complete beginners and had helpful advice for every potential stumbling block and situation. I found her communication style to be completely clear and logical and I loved how open to feedback and new ideas she is. Our group felt like a little family and we had a lot of laughter and fun. I sometimes had work issues I had to attend to and Valentina was very flexible and understanding when I had to slip out of a class.
Peter’s quality of touch and core work teachings were excellent- I found so much value and practicality in them.
The setting of the school was very comfortable, and we had full use of a kitchen and very nice facilities. All of us felt very welcome and at home. the area is great- beaches nearby, all the conveniences you need and a great cafe at the end of the road. I highly recommend Valentina and the Byron Bay Thai massage school- you are assured of high quality tuition from a very experienced practitioner, and most probably a lot of laughter and new friends.

Lindelle from Tasmania

Just wanted to share my deep appreciation to Valentina for being able to fulfill a dream of mine coming true. The course was everything I expected it to be + much more. As a teacher, she has the right stuff to get students enthusiastic & motivated. She is always looking for ways to improve the course & material, which, quite frankly provided me with all the tools I needed. Valentina is a lovely down to earth woman with the understanding and compassion needed when teaching a bunch of individuals with all their various requirements.

Simone, from Tasmania

I have been asked by many of my clients how my trip to Byron was and did I learn anything new from this course……well….I actually have said to all my clients, I think I learnt more with you in just the first week than what I did in Thailand in 5 weeks, pretty much everyone was astounded. I commented to all that your attention to detail and the way you taught the class was incredible, you tweaked us on all that we did not quite grasp straight away, and I felt like you were with us and wanted us to get it right with each technique and movement.
At times yes I was frustrated, because I didn’t CLICK with something straight away, but your ongoing support was fantastic.
I have been performing Thai massage with clients since I got back to Tassie, (at least on a fortnightly basis) which is great, and I feel so much more confident since doing the course with you. I also include some Thai movements when I am doing remedial massage, clients make comments like “Did you just climb up on the table? or Are you up on the table with me? Are you doing your Thai style on me? and I’m like yes yes yes its different isn’t it? my clients really like it as I mix it up on the table.
But I must admit, I get very excited when I know I am going to massage the traditional Thai way, not only are they getting a good stretch and massage, but I’m also bringing my clients to a beautiful, relaxed state of mind and body, and I am getting a workout of my own, it’s like dancing, you need strength, balance, rhythm, and focus.

Jill from Sunshine Beach, Qld

I felt I’ve experience a solid base from which to launch myself to become a very competent practitioner. I gained heaps and really enjoyed the course. Being a novice at anatomy or any kind of bodywork I found the technical knowledge just right. Felt good to just go with you and trust I was picking up through feeling and experience.
The hands on practical stretched me beyond my comfort zone, which I found to be really good, helped me to grow.
Yoga with Lani was fantastic; it gave me a taste of what I need to do to look after myself so I’m in the best possible state to help others. Really loved it, great way to start each day.
I appreciated your stem approach to pour posture as I can feel it’s the foundation to a good practitioner and from which everything flows.
The manual I found invaluable to me, I greatly appreciate the effort you and many others have put into it. I love that it is a work in progress; it makes me feel a part of its evolution. I found it easy to read and follow and when I felt lost in the course I knew that I’d be able to read the manual later and get the gist of it all.
I appreciated you, Valentina, keeping it as simple as possible, your competency and your ability to stretch yourself as a teacher to bring people all the way through But most of all your care and backing of all of us.

Scott from Sydney

It took a couple of days of reflection to really appreciate what an amazing and life changing journey that I have begun. Thank you so much for your teachings, I had a great time with so much fun.
I was anxious with some fear early on, but your positive energy and encouraging attitude made it easier as the course progressed.
Personally I valued every minute and have learnt way more than I could have ever expected. I am now fascinated by energy meridians.
Going to the beach daily was so relaxing, Byron Bay is a peaceful place with friendly people and great weather. I have nothing but great things to say about the course and would highly recommend to anyone. YOGA
I did not even think about the yoga until you asked us to give feedback. I truly believe I could not have done the course without the yoga. Every day I was mentally and physically exhausted, but after yoga I felt relaxed and centered.
Even the last day I was so anxious, but after yoga I felt confident. Every class had variation in postures and breathing.

Tina from Wilsonton, QLD

Morning Yoga is a great idea for preparation. This course delivers an enormous amount of information practically packaged to allow students to absorb, comprehend, understand and then practice in a safe way for both practitioner and client. Valentina’s attention for detail, patience and ready smile make, even difficult days, run smoothly. This course is definitely challenging both mentally and physically, but it is great value for money!

Lee from Sydney, NSW

I found the structure of each day to be really balanced and help a lot with the learning, which was a huge process!
I particularly liked following the teachers while we went through the routines. 8 students was the perfect number, particularly with 2 teachers, so that each of us got personal attention.
The music, humor, laughter, people on the course, Valentina’s energy and guidance made it a really pleasurable experience.
I feel like we have been armed with enough knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in massage.

Nicole from Canberra, ACT

Valentina’s ability to sustain clarity, focus and momentum, while delivering so much information is engaging and facilitates an ease of learning. This sense of clarity carries through to her precision and attention to detail. Valentina is lucid, present and supportive with the students, plus her approach to assessment, flexible timetable and lunch hours is wonderful!

Tina from Wilsonton, QLD

I really enjoyed the approach of this course; the way it focused on many different aspects including keeping ourselves in shape mentally, physically and emotionally through yoga practice and use of our core and body weight.
Valentina was a fantastic teacher & I appreciated her disciplined approach to get through the amount of material in a clear fashion.

Kate from Sydney, NSW

I reckon that you are an inspiring, engaging and very hard working teacher; that is much appreciated! The way you stay present in class, keep great humor, and are obviously so passionate about Thai massage really contributes priceless value to the course which is already very good value.

Vanessa from Brisbane, Qld

I found the course to be thoroughly enjoyable & rewarding. I gained so much insight into the healing art of Thai Massage under the guidance & instruction of Valentina. She was with us every step of the way to offer advice & support. This, I feel, is a true credit to her teaching skills. I recommend the course to anyone willing to work hard + reap the benefits. I now feel that I can confidently take steps towards becoming a Thai massage practitioner.

Rachael from Wiagdon, NSW

Loved the course, Valentina was a great teacher and always happy to try new things and different ways to explain to cater to everybody’s learning styles and needs. The way she made it flow it was like she gently rocked us through the whole thing.
I could go on all day so I will just say that you were great & I love it!

Nick from Bristol, England

I’ve really enjoyed this course; it’s been inspiring and transformative. I’ve started not really knowing where my hip was and I’ve come out of it with new awareness about my own body, my health, nutrition, yoga and of course the ability to help an heal others.Valentina is an excellent teacher and is able to make a demanding course great fun!
The Yoga classes have been amazing too helping to tone and stretch the body for the massage positions.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone as Thai Massage is a lovely set of skills to learn whether or not you want to be a professional.

Tara from Burril Lake

This course was amazing, I’ve met extraordinary people that have touch my heart. The knowledge I’ve gained will play a big part in the rest of my life. Thank you.

Melissa Stannard from Brisbane

The only criticism I have is that I wish I had found Valentina and her fabulous teaching style earlier.
Byron Thai Massage is a must for anybody who cares about enhancing their life, the life of others and meeting of the most exquisite and inspiring people I’ve ever had the honest, utmost joy of crossing paths with.
Three weeks was not enough!…not because of shortfall in the course or its curriculum, but because I wish I could take Valentina and Jo (a returned student and our yoga instructor and posture guru) with me everywhere. Something I’ve heard every student of my course say more than once.
Each of us has come from a diverse background (life, career, life style, ethnicity and age group), yet, Valentina brought out the best in each of us, in our own special way, with her healing touch, accepting nature and belief in our ability to grasp and confidently perform this wonderful whole body/mind/soul Yoga Massage technique. A great teacher, fabulous practitioner and an absolute inspiration!
I encourage anyone who has an interest in Massage, Yoga, Healing, life improvement, or even if you just feel lost…come and find yourself.

Andrea from Lismore, NSW

Awesome! Loved it all. Yoga with Lani was inspirational + I learnt heaps about body awareness and intuitional yoga.
Valentina was really thorough, totally approachable and always encouraging. We laughed a lot and had fun.
Looking forward to the advance course.

Janette from Singleton, NSW

Not only did I meet some amazing people, the 3 weeks of learning Thai Massage also became a personal journey for me. The more massages I gave and received the more relaxed and calm I became. I also slowed down my mind, my massages, my breathing and became more accepting of people and situations. I can’t wait to get home and practice on family and friends, as with Thai massage both the giver and the receiver seem to benefit, also there appears a bond at the end of the massage.
Valentina is an amazingly passionate, caring, kind and thorough teacher who makes everyday fun.

Linda, from Newcastle, NSW

I thought the course was terrific and would highly recommend it to anyone contemplating doing Thai massage. Despite appearances, I felt I learned a lot and was very happy with the format, level of detail, material and teaching. You are really committed to ensuring that we (the students) learn as much as we can and you put your heart into it. I really enjoyed your unpretentious, natural, good humored approach. I saw that you really tried to help each one of us to ‘get it’. Because you are so open and natural, you call it as you see it.

Kelvyn from New Zealand

Great course with a structure that allows for individual transformation and development, all within a sensitive and caring learning environment. The days were interesting and you left feeling fulfilled and high!

Josh from Sydney

A passionate, patient teacher; thorough material; a fantastic learning environment and motivated fellow students. What more can you ask for?
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in Thai Massage.
Thank you for the wonderful experience, Valentina, it will stay with me always.
Special mention also to Lani, for the morning Yoga sessions, which were both fun, calming, energetic and an enjoyable way to start the day. As a novice to Yoga practice, her session have encouraged me to continue after I left Byron. Many thanks to you too, Lani!

Fabio from Italy

This course is challenging from every point of view, but so beautiful! All the effort put in is paid off by the satisfaction of learning an extremely effective technique which not only improves the flexibility of the receiver, but also the one of the giver.

Valentina is as demanding as a teacher as she is passionate and in love with her work.

Keith from Brisbane

To Valentina: I thank you for 3 wonderful weeks, yes they were physically hard for my worn out old body but the knowledge and skills you have passed on are greatly appreciated.
I feel confident that with some further practice I will be able to apply your methods to improve the health of others. Your time, patience, flexibility, and understanding have all been very generous. The following words are forever imprinted in my mind:
‘Use the core’
‘Keep your elbows straight’
‘Shoulders down, back straight’
‘Sink and use your whole bodyweight’
I promise, I’ll try to remember! Thank you and Ciao.

Hollie from Gold Coast

You, over all, have been a delight, never excessively critical, very patient and energetic. It truly has been a wonderful environment to learn in. Thank you so much, I am richer for your teachings. And I look forward to the advance course.

Tamblyn from Melbourne

‘Practice, practice, practice’ the third week has been great for sequencing and awareness to settle in your rhythm. There is a lot to learn in the first 2 weeks, so the 3ed week of practice started to feel a lot more grounded for me…
It is like a 3D map reference of the body for me when ‘feeling my way’ around a massage finding the meridians on myself before finding them on others was a real help.
Thank you fro your energy, enthusiasm and insight. It will complement my yoga teachings!

Linden from Canberra

I have had such a wonderful 3 weeks doing the course. I did not realize the power of Thai Massage to affect the body in such a gentle, yet profound and deep way.
I like the fact that Valentina is very intuitive, in touch with how the moves need to bee done and really good at showing the details of each move. Her vitality and intuitive sense about how we worked made it easy to keep going.

Fiona from Wellington, NZ

Supportive learning environment with opportunities for personal and professional development.
Course delivered in a style which enables students of all levels to benefit from, beginners through to seasoned professionals.
Valentina is obviously passionate about Thai Yoga Massage and wants to pass as much of her knowledge and experience onto her students.
Yoga practice in the morning is a fantastic way to introduce body awareness for those that are not normally participating in physical activity Flexible timetable and teaching methods make for an interactive and adaptable learning process.
Practicing on each other is useful in that students are able to assist each other during the learning process, giving pointers and directions as they go!!
Great space to learn in, open, airy and light. Really nice!
Valentina is generous with her time, knowledge and attitude, giving support and encouragement wherever possible, both inside and outside the classroom.
Notes and written information was invaluable for those hopeless at taking there own!

Claudia from Germany

Valentina is a very patient and funny teacher. I had a great time and experience. She is there for the students in any way. I also enjoyed the environment of class. You will feel quite at home. Thank you very much!!!

Adrian from England

Thank you, I have has a wonderful 3 weeks. The course content, group dynamics, and teaching style have all combined to produce a fantastic experience for all involved.
I feel I have not only learnt a beautiful Art, that I look forward to sharing in the future, but that I have made some lovely friends! Thank you for your patience and guidance.

Amanda from Gold Coast

I really appreciated the course; it was a wonderful experience both professionally and personally.
The energy of the environment; the connection between the students and the teachers made the course more interesting, more fun and a changing experience. I will recommend it!

Steve from Newcastle

Valentina’s humor and enthusiasm has been excellent to promote relaxation and positive learning environment e.g.: non competitive, group cohesion. – Clean and tidy physical environment very good – devoted space in which the course occurs helps focus. – yoga sessions very good – help promote body awareness and reading for practice.

Stefano from Toscany, Italy

Il corso mi e’ sembrato organizzato egregiamente dalle dimostrazioni alle tempistiche. L’ho trovato impegnativo e allo stesso tempo rilassante perche’ incentrato sullo sviluppo pratico della fase teorica. Il gruppo era fantastico e tu come insegnante hai saputo dare i giusti consigli nei momenti opportuni con una gentilezza e una chiarezza che ci hanno fatto apprendere al massimo delle nostre possibilita’, quanto dovevamo.
Sono pronto ad affrontare la grande sfida di portare avanti quanto imparato. Sicuramente mi hai passato la voglia di approffondire questa pratica che oggi mi sento di chiamare arte, una danza di energia tra due corpi a due spiriti, grazie.