Personalised Thai Massage Tuition

Post COVID, this is now my preferred and most available teaching modality. I want to dedicate myself fully to one person’s learning in order to create excellence.

The cost is higher, yes, but the speed of learning is faster, and the quality of your learning is superior, as you will receive from and practice on the teacher (myself), getting immediate feedback and corrections.

All the knowledge, technique and experience I have is available as a personalised Thai Massage tuition for 1 to 2 students maximum. My ideal is to work with experienced practitioners and teachers in order to perfect technique and movement patterns, but beginners are welcome and everyone will get the most out of this format.

thai massage private tuition

You can choose to study whatever you are interested in and at whatever rhythm you need, when you choose to have Personalised Tuition:

You have a choice out of the Basic Course, Practitioner Training Course (or part of it), or Advanced training material; or you can work on anything you may need, like perfecting your technique, your teaching, your meridian work, or stretches you are more interested in, or whatever suits your body or profession best.

You can decide how many days and how many hours you would like to dedicate to it. You can choose an intensive 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, or a slower daily pace, where less material is given each day. Or you can choose to book a lessons 2 days a week, once a month; or 1 day a week for 15 weeks, etc.

Times need to be agreed by everyone and committed to, in advanced.

  • Schedule

    Tuition days for 2 students are generally 6 hours long; for 1 student days are 5 hours long, or up to 6hrs, if needed, but all can be catered to any need.

    General format of the day:

    • demonstration on you (up to 2 hours);
    • Lunch break 1 hr
    • Practice on me or in pairs (up to 4 hours).
  • Morning Practice

    There is no morning Yoga included in this format of learning, the space does not allow for that.

    You will have more morning time for your own practice, beach walks, surf, swims or any of the many Yoga classes offered in the area.

  • Cost & Bookings

    Tuition is held in my beautiful massage room (in Byron Bay, Australia)

    The Price of the personalised tuition is:

    $100 p/h  One on One

    $70 p/h each  Two on One.

    Booking and advanced payment is required.